Royal Sport is a pickup cabin designed for all travellers eager to seek adventures and flexibility. It is the first in this segment that provides two bedrooms. This type of pickup camper is fitted with an innovative second roof that is easily operated with manual or optional electric system. The camper is also fitted with a system allowing a quick connection to and disconnection from the vehicle.

This cabin is made of carbon fiber chassis construction with aluminium reinforcement and it is therefore compact and at the same time lightweight. Construction consisting of 30 and 50mm XPS insulation with step-on-step joint provides best insulation posible without thermal bridges. Overlaping chassis sections fight water like no other camper in the segment.  With roof section beeing produces in one peace, there is no possibility for water leakage.

The cabin provides a spacious and comfortable interior arrangement, design, and fittings, which is made of natural materials allowing comfortable and pleasant accommodation.‚Äč

X – Type models are suited to more adventures types of travellers as it offers better rear departure angle featuring shallower rear overhang.

Royal Sport 250 X-Type

Royal Sport 280 X-Type

Royal Sport 330 X-Type